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Location:  Starting from Wirschweiler one can reach several center towns in a very short time. Center towns provide for shopping, administration, hospital, physicians, and many other services.  A couple examples are provided below: 

Morbach:  Can be reached in approximately 10 minutes, 11 km (7 miles), travelling on L162, B269/327.  There are many shopping places, banks, fuel stations, pharmacies, physicians, fitness, refreshments, and other leisure activities possible.  A specialty of Morbach is free parking everywhere. 

Thalfang:  It takes about 15 minutes, approx.14 km (8.5 miles), using L162 and B422 to arrive at Thalfang.  Likewise there are several shopping places, fuel station, banks, physicians, an in-door pool, and other leisure and refreshment places, e.g. on and around the Erbeskopf.

Idar-Oberstein:  The distance is 14 km (8.5. miles) through 24 km (15 miles), depending which part of the town you want to visit, e.g. Tiefenstein, Idar, Oberstein, or Weierbach.  One can reach Idar-Oberstein using the L162 and the B422.  There are, pharmacies, many shopping places, a hospital, banks, police station, in-door pool, pharmacies, administration, many leisure and refreshment places, museums, theater, sports and fitness places.

Birkenfeld: It is the main city of the county.  The distance is approx. 18 km (11 miles) using L162, B422 and B269.  There are many shopping places, the county administration, police station, hospital, pharmacies, physicians, museum, outdoor pool, many leisure and refreshment places, sports and fitness activities.

Herrstein:  The distance is approximately 18 km (11 miles) using L162 and L160.  There is the center of the community administration, a historical center part within the town, banks, pharmacy, leisure and refreshment activities.  

Other:  The Mosel river is approx. 30 km (18 miles/30 min.) away, e.g. Bernkastel-Kues 33 km (29.5 miles), Trier 52 km (32 miles/50 Min.), Cochem 74 km (46 miles/70 Min);  the Nahe river: besides Idar Oberstein e.g. Kirn 30 km (18 miles/35 Min), Bad-Kreuznach 65 km (45 miles/60 Min); the Rhine river: Bingen 83 km (51.5miles/70 Min).

The Belgian border (Steinebrück) is 114 km (71 miles/80 Min) away, and 80 km (50 miles) further is the border to The Netherlands (195 km (121 miles), 2 hrs 15 Min); or the Luxembourg  border (Wasserbillig) is 60 km (37 miles/50 Min) away, the French border at Forbach 95 km (59 miles/80 Min), or at Zweibruecken (Schweyen) 110 km (68 miles/90 Min).

One can play golf at Kirschweiler, 8 km (5 miles/12 Min) entfernt; Tennis amongst others at Morbach (outdoor) or Idar-Oberstein (in-door/out-door);  many horse riding places are all over the area; fishing is at Sensweiler; One can also hunt in the Wirschweiler and surrounding areas obtaining or owning the appropriate licenses and approvals and as a guest;  Flying is possible at Göttschied (19 km/12 miles - 23 Min) or Hoppstädten-Weiersbach (23km/14 miles -25 Min). At Hoppstädten Weiersbach there is also a large cinema center and a university.

Road connections:

Going south you can reach the motorway A 62 with connection to motorway A6 and A8 within 20 minutes; or turning north on A62 there is connection to motorway A1.  Direction east using B422 and B41 you arrive after aprrox. 50 minutes at motorway A61 which connects the Rhein-Main area, e.g. Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt.  Or travelling north on B269 and B327 you arrive at A61 after about 45 minutes to travel to Koblenz, or direction Cologne.  Direction west you may use B422 and B327 to get to motorway A1 (approx. 20 minutes) travelling to Trier and Luxembourg (motorway A602) or northwest using A1 and A60 to Bitburg continuing to Belgium, The Netherlands or the ferries or channel tunnel to the UK.

In the near future the road connections will improve significantly. Motorway A60 will be connected to the B327 and B50 in fall of 2019.  We can reach A60 in about 15 minutes at Morbach-Wederath.  This will accelerate travelling to destinations north, south and west significantly.  Although we do not have movie theaters, shopping malls or sports stadiums one can reach any of those places which offer such capabilities in a very short time.

Rail road:

The train station Idar-Oberstein is 15 km (9 miles) away.  By car you need to plan on 20 minutes to get there.  As an alternative one can use the public bus transportation system to get there.

Link: www.bahnhof.de/bahnhof-de/bahnhof/Idar-Oberstein-1036010


Bus stop at Wirschweiler

Bus schedule: www.fahrplan.guru/wirschweiler--wirschweiler

Taxi for citizens

Pick scheduling: Tel: 06785 - 79-123;  Link: www.vg-herrstein.de/vg_herrstein/Aktuelles/Verwaltung/Elektoauto-Bürgerauto/     


Frankfurt-Hahn:  This is the closest airport. It can be reached in about 30 minutes using B269, B327 and B50. The distance is 32 km (19 miles).  For passenger travel this airport is restricted to the airline Ryan-Air.

Luxemburg-Findel:  The distance is approximately 86 km (53 miles).  The route is via B422, L164, L150, A1, and A64.  It takes approximately 80 minutes to get there.  This airport hosts all large airlines offering world wide travel from here.

Saarbrücken-Ensheim:  The shortest distance is approximately 83 km (51.5 miles) using side roads, e.g. through Züsch and Türkismühle, then A1 and A623.  The easy route is via B269, A62 and A6, about 101 km (63 miles).  In any case, travel time using a passenger car is one hour and 10 minutes.  Saarbrücken offers short trips, e.g. to Hamburg or Berlin-Tegel, but also holiday trips, e.g. to Mallorca, Greece or Turkey.

Frankfurt am Main:  The distance via B41 and A60 is approx. 130 km (81 miles).  It takes about one hour and 40 minutes (without traffic jam) to get to the airport.  An alternate route is via B269, B327, B50, A61 and A60.  The distance is about 10 km (6 miles) more.  The travel duration is about the same because there are fewer towns on the way.  All large airlines and many of the low cost airlines offer worldwide traveling from here. Between Idar-Oberstein and Frankfurt Airport you can also use the rail road system.  


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